A firm of procurement specialists

We are a highly skilled consulting firm founded by former McKinsey & Co procurement experts and specialists. Clients say we stand out in terms of our passion for execution focused on maximizing value creation down to bottom line savings and our active transferring of knowledge to build longer term sustainability.

Why we are different

We know there are many other consultancies out there – but there are several reasons why we stand out from the crowd.


procurement specialists

We believe that you need to specialize to become exceptional at something. We want to be exceptional at purchasing and we constantly develop new knowledge by combining our ever-growing practical experience with the latest theories in the market.

impact oriented, “no cure, no pay”

We deliver concrete bottom line savings. This is the very foundation of our existence. To show that we back up our words we are open to work fully success based.

experienced and we use well-proven methods

We have an outstanding track record that is a result of our extensive procurement experience and our use of well-proven methods.

Focused on top Quality

From the very beginning our first objective has been to deliver the highest value to our clients. We always put the quality of our commitments before growing our business and we will turn work down if we cannot find the right talent.


We are completely independent from other systems or organizations and our consultants have the highest standards of integrity.

Our working

At Procurement Power we have a specific set of working principles that we always adhere to. These tell you a great deal about us and how we are to work with.

Action and impact oriented

Less theoretical documents and more impact. The goal is always to generate concrete bottom line savings.

Collaborate and Co-create

We develop solutions jointly with our clients to ensure sustainability.

Client first

Successful projects are the foundation of our existence. We put the client first and all our incentives are aligned with our clients' success.

Fact based

All our work is transparent and based on facts.

Pragmatic approach

We strive to make our solutions hands-on and as simple as possible, but not simpler.