Top competence matters

We always put the quality of our commitments before growing our business and we will turn projects down if we cannot find the right talent. Our consultants are procurement specialists with years of experience from top management consulting firms and they hold top degrees from leading universities. In our network we have leading Industry experts and McKinsey specialists.

Björn Munkhammar

Björn is a highly sought procurement expert with global experience from setting up multiple Sourcing Excellence Programs, Supplier Development programs and Procurement Transformation Programs. He has during 12+ years gained extensive procurement experience ranging from improving procurement organizations to delivering substantial financial results through rapid repricing, category projects and driving supplier development activities. Prior to joining Procurement Power he worked 6 years for McKinsey where he specialized within operations and procurement and before McKinsey Björn worked at Vattenfall. Björn holds a Masters degree from Linköping University (LiU) in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Kasper Trolltoft

Kasper is a consultant at Procurement Power that has supported various category optimization projects and tenders, including preparing RFQs, conducting stakeholder and supplier workshops, developing price feedback, develop decision and negotiation material, and conducting spend analysis. Before joining he was a top student in Industrial Engineering and Management at Lund University (LTH) and University of California. He was also gaining relevant experience from working at leading companies such as Axis Communications and SKF within purchasing and supply chain management.

Veronica Danielsson

Veronica is a Senior consultant at Procurement Power and a much appreciated engagement manager. She has conducted various tenders, specifically for monopolistic markets, large IT projects and outsourcing. Veronica has also run trainings for Strategic Purchasers in RFQ development. Veronica joined Procurement Power after graduating with top marks from M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology and University of Melbourne. She is specialized in Supply Chain and Production with experience from the packaging industry with published articles within supply chain and warehousing.

Arvid Herlin

Arvid has worked professionally with procurement for 10+ years. He has a history of working with clients on large category projects within both private and public sector and is known for developing innovative ways of reducing demand (several articles published). Arvid is globally sought for and has worked extensively in China. Arvid spent 4 years with McKinsey where he specialized within procurement and business strategy. Prior to McKinsey Arvid was an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. He holds multiple degrees including a military degree, Masters degree in Engineering Physics at KTH and École Polytechnique and a degree in Economics at Stockholm School of Business.

Rickard Evers

Rickard is a senior consultant where he as been part of driving large Supplier Compliance programs, Supply Chain optimization programs and large IT implementations. Prior to joining Procurement Power he worked 2+ years as a management consultant at PA Consulting. Rickard holds a M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University and Luxemburg University.

Sebastian Thesleff

Sebastian is a senior project manager at Procurement Power with extensive experience from all areas of Procurement. He has driven large number of category projects, change management programs, procure-to-pay implementation, large IT tenders, complex license negotiations and coached strategic purchasers on all levels. Sebastian holds a triple exam; M.Sc. Double Diplomas in Industrial Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; and a B.Sc. in Economics from Campbell University, US.

Cecilia Olsson

Cecilia is a consultant and Procurement Power with experience from driving large category optimization projects, mainly in Asia where she has gained extensive experience from developing RFQs, conducting stakeholder and supplier work-shops, developing price feedback and conducting spend analysis. Before joining Cecilia was a top student in Industrial Engineering and Management at Lund University (LTH) and gaining relevant working experience from companies such as Sony Mobile and AkzoNobel.