We are very proud of our track record of continuously delivering concrete bottom-line savings to our clients. For instance, we have optimized more than 250 categories, capturing substantial savings for our clients and we have trained more than 500 purchasing officers through our integrated training programs. Through our extensive work we have developed certain perspectives and beliefs about purchasing that we want to share with you.

Starting with delivering results is key to drive any change

Value creating activities need to be supported by enabling elements to ensure implementation and long term success

  • Core of procurement work
  • Required enablers

    Value creation, e.g.

  • Category optimization with transparent, iterative and fact based process for prioritized categories
  • Demand reduction initiatives for indirect spend
  • Rapid repricing to address tail of suppliers
Capability building
  • On-the-job capability building
    and coaching.
  • Classroom training.
  • Structured performance and
    development feedback.
Leadership alignment and aspiration setting
  • Ambitious, structured targets.
  • Roll-out plan.
  • Communication plan.
  • Overall organization.
Performance management
  • Performance measurement (KPIs).
  • Performance dialogues.
  • Overall program management.
Processes and Tools
  • Standardized category optimization process
  • Supporting procurement tools.
    (e.g. spend analysis, eSourcing, eProcurement).
  • Institutionalized guide to professional

We are very proud to be able to say that we continuously have delivered substantial and concrete savings to our clients. Today our combined experience covers more than 250 categories, ranging from software and vehicles to spare parts and IT-consultants.

Our Beliefs On Purchasing

Purchasing gets too little attention on the top management agenda

Focus on procurement often creates significant value for the company as 50-75% of the turnover normally is procured

The level of ambition should be high

A 20-30% TCO reduction is often possible and a high ambition pushes any approach, from traditional bargaining to a comprehensive TCO strategy

Rapid and substantial savings from purchasing are always possible

There are always means to rapidly capture substantial savings from purchasing activities

A fact based, transparent and iterative approach pays off

All salesmen want to increase the price and all purchasers want to reduce it. A rigorous, well-prepared and systematic approach is essential to maximize the results

Contract compliance is critical to get savings to the bottom-line

Compliance to new agreements is required to generate bottom-line savings and does not get enough attention

IT systems are tools, not the solution

IT systems provide help, but does not solve your problems