Procurement excellence is an ever-going journey where we support our clients regardless of their starting position through our Diagnose, Transform and Improve & Sustain service offers.

Our service offer


Procurement health check

Diagnosis of selected target areas or an overall health check covering both enablers and assessment of improvement potential (e.g. for spend analysis, potential assessment, compliance, competence development etc.).

Strategic procurement roadmap

Thorough diagnosis of purchasing efficiency, target setting and development of a complete transformation journey/plan over time.


Category optimization waves

Optimization of prioritized categories to minimize total cost through a well proven process (i.e. covering unit prices, specifications, volume/demand, internal/external factors etc.).

Demand reduction

Demand reduction program to take active control and reduce cost of non core spend (i.e. drive corporate culture towards increased cost consciousness).

Rapid price reduction

Systematic process for supplier development discussions and addressing tail of suppliers through tailored supplier letters and targeted rapid RFQs

Improve & Sustain

Supplier performance evaluation and development

Approach to cover, e.g.
pre-qualification of suppliers,
continuous evaluation and
performance dialogues to find
constant win-win improvements.

Talent management

Implementation of a world class talent management process to review, attract and retain top talent.

Skill building

Competence development programs and/or trainings on specific

Management infrastructure

Development of tracking and creating transparency on performance.

We support you regardless of your starting position

Develop Supplier Base

Develop suppliers and supply chain for strategic partners

  • Support suppliers in reducing their own costs.
  • Support suppliers in improving their sourcing i.e.,reducing procured cost.
  • Conduct leveraged sourcing where suitable, e.g. volumes bundled with other external parties.
Address Total Cost

Review specifications and use full TCO

  • Review specifications to challenge old conventions.
  • Review strategy for most important areas, e.g. insourcing vs. outsourcing.
  • Use full TCO approach in RFQs together with suppliers and internal stakeholders e.g., clean sheeting and target costing.
Conduct Competitive RFQ

Competitive RFQs – Consolidate and achieve price reduction

  • Define purchasing scope to be addressed.
  • Prioritize categories based on criticality (e.g. spend, contract ending, out of supply)
  • Conduct iterative, fact based and transparent RFQ process.
Conduct Competitive RFQ

Control spend

  • Understand spend and supplier base e.g., what do we procure from whom.
  • Implement standardized purchasing process/routines including responsibilities.
  • Implement and measure selected KPIs.